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What is the good life

In todays rushed hectic life we all strive for simple, frugal and purposeful living.
How do we achieve this?. Their are hundreds of professional people who could give you wonderful advice regarding this, but I don't want to compete with them. The purpose of this site is to simply share some of my interests and observations, especially those which has impacted me in the following ways :
- spiritually
- physically
- mentally
- financially

I hope that the bits of information on this site will indeed help you as it did me.
As I will be doing this on a very part-time basis, please forgive me if updates do not come as fast you would like.
Quote of the Day
Don't be humble. You're not that great.'
--- Golda Meir
'Few things are harder to put up with than
the annoyance of a good example.'
--- Mark Twain
'I envy people who drink. At least they know
what to blame everything on.'
--- Oscar Levant
'The secret to staying young is to live honestly,
eat slowly, and lie about your age.'
--- Lucille Ball
'Old age is like everything else, to make
a success of it you got to start young.'
--- Fred Astaire
Tips for the Working women (or man)
How can your child become an entrepreneur?
Story by Iona Minton from www.iafrica.com

Entrepreneurship, both at school level and at business school level, has South Africa buzzing. However, parents are still unsure about the merits of encouraging a career as an entrepreneur over the more traditional corporate career.

Mike Clare, a business strategist and a winner of the Sanlam Money Game, says that there is a compelling argument for both paths as they each have many pros and cons, but sometimes having too many choices confuses rather than clarifies.

In recent times that choice has been diminishing in South Africa as large corporates downsize, adhere to employment equity directives or become victims of a takeover. These processes can cause hundreds of jobs to be shed. An increasing number of qualified individuals are chasing less and less positions. Clare says that all emerging market economies are awash with opportunities waiting to be harvested by those with a sense of purpose and desire to achieve.

Research shows that entrepreneurs have certain traits not found in the general population. They are independent thinkers, creative, self-reflective, and tend to be risk takers. You can help develop these same traits in your children by the ways you interact with them. Here are some suggestions:

Support your child's hobbies and interests, while allowing him or her to lose interest without feeling guilty. Remember that learning what you don't like to do is as important as learning what you do like.

Encourage some risk taking. When your daughter expresses an interest in learning to play the guitar but has all the signs of being tone deaf, suggest she give it a try anyway.

Make sure your son or daughter has plenty of alone time to daydream. Kids today are overscheduled they need creative space.

Always speak positive words to your child. Hearing comments like “You're full of good ideas," and "I know you can figure out how to do that," boost self-esteem.

Encourage your child to express opinions about current events even if you may not agree with them.

Show your child how to research topics on the Internet.

Here are some important pointers that Clare recommends you follow to steer your children towards self-employment:

Make sure that the child develops a passion for their chosen career. It is important that they love the work that they are involved in.

They need to become aware of / exposed to all the business opportunities in the marketplace.

It is important for your children to have role-models other than the parents. If you have a friend or relative that is involved in the field of work your child is interested in, let them spend some of their school holidays helping out.

They need to understand why some people achieve success early in life, whereas others battle on forever, with mediocre results. Encourage them to read biographies of people they admire.

They must understand the relevance of concepts such as strategy, habits, determination and work ethic.

They need to read books written by the likes of Stephen Covey, Anthony Robbins and Seth Godin.

They must clear the first hurdle in the entrepreneur's race to win. Many good ideas stay on the starting block.

They must identify and then eliminate all obstacles that will reduce their chances of success.

As a parent it is tempting to push your child in the direction that you feel they should go. This rarely works, the child may cooperate for a while but as they get older they will rebel. Clare says the child must be guided to seek their own answers and to find their own passions. Their journey begins the moment they start plotting their future. Help them get started.

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